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Nestled between the Aegean and Marmara seas, Çanakkale stands as a beacon of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the ancient tales of Assos to the legendary city of Troy, this enchanting region is a mosaic of legends, offering an array of activities for both the history enthusiast and the nature lover.

Historical Sites

  • Troy: Walk in the footsteps of Achilles and Hector in the legendary city immortalized by Homer’s “Iliad.” A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Troy beckons with its ancient walls, theater, and the iconic replica of the Trojan Horse.
  • Gallipoli Peninsula: Stand on the shores where the fateful battles of WWI took place. Landmarks such as Anzac Cove, Conkbayırı, and the 57th Regiment Memorial echo the valiant tales of soldiers from both sides.
  • Assos (Behramkale): Marvel at the Hellenistic-era Temple of Athena and the ancient theatre, with the azure Aegean Sea as a backdrop.
  • Abydos: Explore the remnants of this ancient city that played a crucial role in guarding the Çanakkale Strait during the Ottoman era.
  • Apollon Smintheion Temple: Located in Geyikli’s Gülpınar village, this Doric temple stands as a beacon of ancient Greek architecture and reverence.

Museums and Galleries

  • Çanakkale Maritime Museum: Dive deep into the maritime history of the region, discovering artifacts from the Çanakkale Wars and the rich naval traditions of the area.
  • Çanakkale Archaeological Museum: Journey through millennia as you witness artifacts from nearby excavations, including invaluable pieces from Troy and Assos.
  • Kilitbahir Castle: Erected to defend the narrowest part of the Çanakkale Strait, this fortress offers panoramic views and tales of historical sieges.
  • Çanakkale Martyrs’ Museum: Experience the poignant stories of the Çanakkale Wars, with personal belongings, photographs, and documents bringing the past to life.


Join us in Çanakkale, where every corner, monument, and artifact narrates a tale. Immerse yourself in a city where history, nature, and the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean converge.

Social Activities in Çanakkale

  • Gastronomic Adventures: Dive into the flavors of Çanakkale. The city offers a plethora of eateries serving delectable Aegean and Mediterranean dishes, fresh seafood, and the region’s famous olive oil delicacies.
  • Vibrant Nightlife: As the sun sets, Çanakkale comes alive with its bustling nightlife. From cozy cafes along the coastline to vibrant bars and clubs, there’s an ambiance for everyone.
  • Local Festivals: Immerse yourself in local culture by attending traditional festivals and events, celebrating everything from art and music to gastronomy and folklore.

Beyond History: Activities in Assos

  • Beach Retreat: Retreat to Assos’ pristine beaches, finding solace in secluded coves or the vibrant atmosphere of beach clubs.


Join us in Çanakkale, Assos, and Troy, where every stone, street, and monument tells a story, weaving together a tapestry of history, legend, and the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean.

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